Jesse M. Rohde, D.O., M.P.H., Founder/President/CEO

Social Entrepreneur, health advocate for the global poor, and physician, Dr. Jesse Rohde has dedicated his life to providing health care services to the world’s poor, and investing in the potential of Africa’s youth to become leaders in the fight against disease. As the Founder, President, and CEO of The Rohde Foundation, Dr. Rohde has put in place a model that looks to raise the standard of health care in rural Africa through prevention, education, clinic construction, access to health care, and rural African job creation.

Jesse Rohde has worked in rural Africa for over a decade, beginning his dedication to the world’s indigent while a student at Wesleyan University in 1997. Over the course of the next twelve years, Dr. Rohde traveled throughout the African continent successfully turning dilapidated cocoa yam warehouses into functional clinics in rural Ghana, laying the groundwork for the construction of clinics in rural Tanzania, and working with rural leaders in Western Uganda to ensure health care services to the rural poor.

Dr. Rohde’s vision for The Rohde Foundation grew out of his belief that an effective way to stop preventable disease in rural communities was to empower and grow the local medical work force. In 2009, the Oworobong Clinic in rural Ghana opened with over 400 patients lining up to be seen. As rural facilities continue to be opened, each of these clinics will provide health care access to over 50,000 people who previously were left on the outskirts of health care catchment areas.

During the last several years Dr. Rohde has worked closely with the International Federation of Medical Students’ Association both as the IFMSA-USA National Representative to the Standing Committee on Refugees and Peace in 2006, and as the IFMSA-Global Regional Assistant for The Americas in 2007. As Founder of the Make Cents Movement, a national student movement dedicated to responding to the concerns of rural West Africa, and Co-Founder of the Global Physicians Corps, a non-profit organization which looks to foster medical student interest in international health care, Jesse Rohde continues to work with groups and individuals in an effort to improve health care outcomes in rural Africa.

Among the numerous awards Dr. Rohde has received in the past decade are the Harvard University Albert Schweitzer Award, New York College of Osteopathic Medicine’s Riland Award, the Touro University Humanitarian Award, Touro University Global Health Commencement Award, National Fellowship from the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Touro University Public Health Innovation Award, American Association of Family Practitioners National Fellowship for the Underserved, and the Touro University Altruism (Chesed) Award. Dr. Rohde, in winning Harvard’s prestigious Albert Schweitzer Award, reminded those in attendance that “my mission for providing health care to the world’s poor has no end – my life is my work.”

Dr. Rohde has spoken on behalf of the Harvard School of Public Health and The Rohde Foundation at International Conferences in Serbia, Chile, Egypt, Tanzania, and Uganda. He has presented the work of the Foundation nationally in San Francisco, Miami, Austin, New York, the Berkeley School of Public Health, the UCSF Medical Center, and Stanford University.

Dr. Jesse Rohde received his undergraduate degree with High Honors in African-American Studies from Wesleyan University in 1999. He received his Masters in Public Health from Harvard School of Public Health in 2007, and his Medical Degree from Touro University, College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2008. Dr. Rohde is currently functioning as President and CEO of The Rohde Foundation, while working as a Resident in Anesthesiology at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Charles Asiedu Boafo, National Director, Ghana

Charles “Kofi” Asiedu Boafo is the National Director for The Rohde
Foundation in Ghana.  Married, and the father of 4 girls (Jesse-9, Rhoda-7, Emily-4, Kazia-2), Kofi has worked with The Rohde Foundation since its inception in 1997.  Initially, Kofi was responsible for all jobs (Director, Manager, community outreach, publicity, communication).

Currently, Kofi works directly with the National and Regional Ministries of Health, local and International NGO’s, National Medical Schools on collaborative efforts.  He is directly responsible for all International communication, local communication, and is the direct link to Oworobong Clinic Managers, physicians, and nurses.

Throughout his life, Kofi has dedicated himself to making the day-to-day lives of rural Ghanaians better.  Since working for The Rohde Foundation, he has rededicated himself to improving the health and social opportunity for each member of the community, while pushing The Rohde Foundation to new heights.  It is his belief that health care is a human right, that a mother in Oworobong deserves the same treatment as a mother in New York City.  It is with this stance, that Kofi has led The Rohde Foundation in Ghana for the past 13 years.

Benjamin Dei Boadu, Regional Secretary/Project Coordinaton

Benjamin Dei Boadu is the Regional Secretary and Project Coordinator for The Rohde Foundation. Married, and the father of 1 year old Kees Boadu, “BD” has worked alongside The Rohde Foundation for the last 10 years. Initially,
while working full time as an elementary school teacher in rural Kwahu-Tafo, BD assisted the Foundation on local and regional coordination efforts, community outreach, and publicity.

Currently, BD oversees all electronic communication, assists in Oworobong Clinic Management, project coordination, community outreach, and daily communication with the Kwahu-East Ministry of Health. BD currently lives with his wife and child in Kwahu-Tafo, Ghana.

Gladys Gamah, Head Nurse/Oworobong Clinic – Clinical Manager

Gladys Gamah is the Head Nurse and Oworobong Clinic – Clinical Manager for The Rohde Foundation in Ghana. She is a new mother, and a graduate of the Nahr Bita Nursing School in Tema, Ghana. Gladys, the first recipient
of The Rohde Foundation’s scholarship program to train rural students to become rural Health care providers for their home communities, is central to the model that the Foundation has put in place. Having worked in the
Oworobong Clinic for over a year, Gladys has been central to the success of a rural health system that has seen over 1,500 patients.

Glady’s vision for health care in the rural areas in unique, and her commitment to providing health care to those who previously had none is without measure. Glady’s continues to lead nurses, community workers, and Foundation volunteers as the Oworobong Clinic becomes the central pillar in a model designed to provide health care to over 50,000 rural villagers who previously had none.

Youngson Aponati, Community Nurse/Oworobong Clinic Co-Manager, Ghana

Youngson Aponati is a Community nurse and Co-Manager of the Oworobong Clinic in Ghana. Currently Youngson is completing his training at Nhar Bita Nursing School in Tema, Ghana, on scholarship as part of The Rohde
Foundation’s program to train rural students to become rural health providers. Youngson has worked with The Rohde Foundation since 2006.

Youngson’s strengths lie in his resilience, his commitment to the work, his commitment to family, to his faith, and to community. There is no question that Youngson has dedicated his life to making the lives of those around him
better. Upon graduation, Youngson will take his position as Co-Manager of the Oworobong Clinic, and community nurse.

It is with great hope and pride that The Rohde Foundation watches Youngson grow into the committed leader, and advocate for rural health care that he hopes to become.

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