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Non Profit Work in Rural Africa

Welcome to The Rohde Foundation – committed to sustainable, quality health care for rural Africa. Currently our focus is in Ghana where there is an urgent need for basic infrastructure and critical necessities such as clean water, access to medical facilities, sanitation systems and essential manpower. Through highly focused and dedicated non-profit work in rural Africa, the foundation strives to make a positive impact on the lives of the African people and to build the foundation for a better future.

Founded in 1997, the mission of The Rohde Foundation has been to enhance and augment medical resources that will become self-sustaining in the long-term. Focusing on two key points, Public Health Infrastructure and Education /Scholarships, the foundation works with local leaders, community laborers and internationally-based donors to establish the necessary groundwork. Crews of volunteers spend time in local communities in order to distribute supplies, conduct research and educate locals; projects such as a medical clinic are also currently underway. Once self-sufficiency goals have been reached, the foundation aims to reproduce this system throughout rural Africa.

Non-Profit Work in Ghana

What can you do to champion our cause? By dedicating yourself to supporting non-profit work in rural Africa you can truly make a difference to the quality of life for individuals, families and children. Find out how you can directly volunteer your time or donate funds to our Ghana charity – any and all contributions will bring us one step closer to our goal to end preventable disease through an independent and local work force.

We thank you for spending some time with us, and hope you continue to explore the website to learn more about what The Rohde Foundation wishes to accomplish. Feel free to contact us at any time for more information.


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